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Rachel Hickey

Rachel Hickey

What got you into running?

I started running in 6th grade when I first joined track. My older brother is someone I've always looked up to, so I did middle school track to follow in his footsteps. Each year since i've got more and more into the sport.


What do you like about running?

Running is always very freeing and usually the part of my day I most look forward to. I absolutely love the highs you get from crushing a big run or a workout. No better feeling!


What made you apply to Often Running?

I have been buying shoes from the store since 7th grade, so when I committed to run at ISU the store seemed like a perfect college summer job.


What do you like about working at Often Running?

I love the work enviroment here and the small-business atmosphere. It's always fun to come into work and recognize customers from the area.

Rachel Hickey's Hobbies
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