We are the established running store in the Bloomington/Normal area. We strive to meet the needs of our customers in the most professional way possible through our extensive experience.
Our staff is experienced and passionate about running. We will guide you with the best advice possible to meet your walking, running, or racing goals.
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Often Running

For more than 20 years, we have been the established running store in the Bloomington/Normal area. Our experienced staff knows exactly how to make your needs and goals met.

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Absolutely fantastic experience! I got my first pair of running shoes from them years ago and enjoyed them and the service so much I returned for my replacement pair. They are the two best pairs of shoes I have ever owned. They are super comfortable and supportive shoes and the store has fantastic staff! The associate sat with us for 30 to 45 minutes recommending shoes, never felt pressured, he provided wonderful conversation, and helped me land on yet another stellar pair! I wouldn't shop for my running shoes anywhere else!

Emilie McDowell

Mitch has more experience/knowledge in shoes and running than most people around. Couple that with a sincere attitude of caring about people and caring for customers and a work environment which allows that to happen makes for a win/win situation for both Often Running and it's customers.

Dan Anderson

Took our grandson up to be fitted for shoes for track and field. Very good experience as Noah was very knowledgeable on running and what shoe style we would need. Mitch was very helpful as well with questions we had on rules and regulations of track. I would highly recommend anyone to purchase your running shoes and gear through Often Running! Great people!

Mitch Cloe

I noticed that most of these reviews are about running. I just want to share our story. My sister and I have owned our business for 25 years and spend approx. 10 to 12 hours a day standing/working on our feet especially during the fall. Mitch went above and beyond to help us find the correct shoes/socks for us to wear while we are at work. We've both noticed our feet are pain free and love our new shoes. Thank you very much Mitch!!

Cindy Ketchmark Meyer

Amazing experience tonight with Mark at Often Running. My special needs 17-year-old needed new running shoes for cross country. Mark was absolutely fantastic working with him to find the right shoes and gave us a great deal on them. He took the time to actually have a conversation with my son about running and other sports and baseball (go White Sox!). Highly recommend this store.

Karen Boehle-Johnson

Often Running is connected (actually part of) Vitesse Cycles. Bloomington doesn't have much to choose from when it comes to running stores, but Often Running is the best. They will help you find a shoe that fits your stride, which is important for preventing injury. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Van M