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Our Values


We take great pride in providing great, individualized customer service and, for 20 years, we have been fitting both new and old runners in footwear and running apparel. We make sure that everything we sell is specific to each individual and their needs as athletes, weekend warriors, or casual walkers. Often Running carries the best brands in the industry and our staff—made of experienced runners, triathletes, and coaches—are here to get you, and keep you, on your feet. With detailed, personalized advice for your particular needs, we hope to guide you along your journey and help you achieve your running goals.



We are here to promote the health and happiness of our local community by supporting runners and running events. We will continually strive to be Central Illinois’s go-to place for all types of runners and walkers by providing top-of-the-line products and service. Walk, jog, or run through our doors and let us give you the service and advice you deserve!


Racing Team

Often Running's Racing TeamOften Running is proud to have and support its own racing team. Made of dedicated and talented local runners, the team has its fair share of great athletes, from NCAA Champions, sub 2:30 marathoners, Boston Qualifiers, ultra-marathon runners, and Ironman triathletes. The team is made of two women and seven men, all of whom are Central Illinois residents. The Often Running Racing Team was established in 1996 by our manager, Mitch Hobbs. The team is sponsored by Saucony.

In addition to participating in events across the country, the team is heavily involved in our local community. Our members support the Lake Run Club and their programs as well as the Starved Rock Runners Club and their programs by volunteering their time and expertise. Additionally, current and past team members are involved in our local schools as volunteer coaches for junior high and high school cross-country and track.